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I need something to do with my time.

So I’m thinking about starting up a secondary blog or something [I don’t know, I really don’t know, I’m terrible about making decisions like these or doing things right, ever] and just like… writing. From prompts or from whatever and just doing it, because I have too much time on my hands right now and my brain is in over-active author mode.

I’ve particularly been in a Loki-minded mood for the past few days [I’ve been writing for him more often than not in various roleplays (okay, in one roleplay, and it’s only been a week, really)] and I’ve honestly fallen for writing for his character.

I wouldn’t mind doing an RP with people or a person or what not, if they were up for it; I generally roleplay a lot (and I currently lack a life), so that wouldnt’ be a problem.

Also, I wouldn’t mind writing out fics, but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t written one in years, but it can’t be all that different from writing for a roleplay, can it? It’s just more than one character and you have more control [okay, having control over characters while writing is laughable in my experience] over everything that’s going on, daa daa daah. And I’m open to loads of ideas [seriously, I’m completely open-minded over here. I don’t care. I can go from a to z and back again as far as pairings or lack there of are concerned and be perfectly fine; also, I don’t mind smut for smut’s sake.]

I just don’t know what to do.