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[I wonder if anyone thought about how much this should hurt him. That arc reactor is bolted into his rib cage with has had considerable amounts of bone removed which should be there. There is at least a four inch deep (because Pepper managed to put her whole hand inside) cylinder of metal in his chest roughly 3-4 inches in diameter.

That isn’t a light love tap there. You can tell from how it moves at contact. Loki doesn’t need Tony, not really. He’s already gotten pretty damn far in his plot. He just needs to stall a bit. He doesn’t care if Tony dies. He pressed the tip of the spear a lot more carefully to Clint.

The second his eyes fly open at first, I think he experiences a wave of pain and then pushes it … back. You go, Mr. Stark.

Most of us would probably have dropped to our knees. Not this man. He’s had to live with the arc reactor in his chest for how many years now? Imagine waking up in the night in agony because you rolled over onto your stomach and a hunk of metal is constricting some main arteries. He only flinched slightly because he’s been through so much worse.

He can just push it back and carry on.]


Why does this fandom always have to think about EVERYTHING?!

we really do … think of everything omg

I take your cannon and raise you the movieverse timeline. If I could remember where I put it/found it. Oh, right, here you go.

^—- That lovely piece of information tells us that Tony’s only the Reactor in him for maybe… ten months? Not even a year. Given, ten months is still a decent bit of time, but it’s definitely not years. I’m not fighting the idea, in fact, I’m embracing it, really— it’s a very Tony-esque move and I am in full agreement. I’d just like to state that it hasn’t been years. Just months.

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Comic-Con 2012: Robert Downey Jr. Surprise (Iron-Man 3/Marvel Studios) (by DesdeHollywood)

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