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[I wonder if anyone thought about how much this should hurt him. That arc reactor is bolted into his rib cage with has had considerable amounts of bone removed which should be there. There is at least a four inch deep (because Pepper managed to put her whole hand inside) cylinder of metal in his chest roughly 3-4 inches in diameter.

That isn’t a light love tap there. You can tell from how it moves at contact. Loki doesn’t need Tony, not really. He’s already gotten pretty damn far in his plot. He just needs to stall a bit. He doesn’t care if Tony dies. He pressed the tip of the spear a lot more carefully to Clint.

The second his eyes fly open at first, I think he experiences a wave of pain and then pushes it … back. You go, Mr. Stark.

Most of us would probably have dropped to our knees. Not this man. He’s had to live with the arc reactor in his chest for how many years now? Imagine waking up in the night in agony because you rolled over onto your stomach and a hunk of metal is constricting some main arteries. He only flinched slightly because he’s been through so much worse.

He can just push it back and carry on.]


Why does this fandom always have to think about EVERYTHING?!

we really do … think of everything omg

I take your cannon and raise you the movieverse timeline. If I could remember where I put it/found it. Oh, right, here you go.

^—- That lovely piece of information tells us that Tony’s only the Reactor in him for maybe… ten months? Not even a year. Given, ten months is still a decent bit of time, but it’s definitely not years. I’m not fighting the idea, in fact, I’m embracing it, really— it’s a very Tony-esque move and I am in full agreement. I’d just like to state that it hasn’t been years. Just months.

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Comic-Con 2012: Robert Downey Jr. Surprise (Iron-Man 3/Marvel Studios) (by DesdeHollywood)

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My boyfriend just asked me….

… who Coulson is, after I told him I was crying over him.




yea, that’s what I said.

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You’re at a party, the 4th gif is the person who started the party.

The 18th gif is how they invite you to the party.

The 7th gif with words is what they say to you when you first get to the party.

The 76th gif is your reaction once you get to the party.

The 1st gif is your reaction when they have your favorite food.

The 42nd gif is you when see they have Beer or/and vodka at the party.

The 30th gif is you when you talk to your crush while drunk.

The 23rd gif is what you do to your crush.

The 14th gif is your reaction when they take away the vodka/and or beer away from you.

The 28th gif with words is what you say to the people who took it away.

The 9th gif is you trying to flirt with your crush.

The 26th gif is your reaction when someone tries to flirt with your crush.

The 57th gif is what all the other people at the party think of you.

The 35th gif is the person who calls the cops on you.

The 38th gif with words is what you say to the cops when they arrive.

The 10th gif is you getting kicked out of the party.

I think I have way too many Tom gifs.

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I need something to do with my time.

So I’m thinking about starting up a secondary blog or something [I don’t know, I really don’t know, I’m terrible about making decisions like these or doing things right, ever] and just like… writing. From prompts or from whatever and just doing it, because I have too much time on my hands right now and my brain is in over-active author mode.

I’ve particularly been in a Loki-minded mood for the past few days [I’ve been writing for him more often than not in various roleplays (okay, in one roleplay, and it’s only been a week, really)] and I’ve honestly fallen for writing for his character.

I wouldn’t mind doing an RP with people or a person or what not, if they were up for it; I generally roleplay a lot (and I currently lack a life), so that wouldnt’ be a problem.

Also, I wouldn’t mind writing out fics, but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t written one in years, but it can’t be all that different from writing for a roleplay, can it? It’s just more than one character and you have more control [okay, having control over characters while writing is laughable in my experience] over everything that’s going on, daa daa daah. And I’m open to loads of ideas [seriously, I’m completely open-minded over here. I don’t care. I can go from a to z and back again as far as pairings or lack there of are concerned and be perfectly fine; also, I don’t mind smut for smut’s sake.]

I just don’t know what to do.


So, I need some suggestions…

For music to add to my slowly-growing list of songs I listen to while working on anything Avengers/Loki [okay, yes, I work more on Loki things than the others, I’m still getting used to working with everyone else and yes, I’m obsessing.]

I currently only have three songs in my list, which makes me ever so sad, so if you could be a dear….

Please suggest some songs I should look in to listening to, Avengers and/or Loki related?

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#i can’t get over this admitted nerd being our president

omg what a ledgend.

I will accept that he watched the movie and wants Coulson to live. I will not accept, based solely on those examples, that he is a nerd.

Answering the three most obvious superheroes in the movie does not make him a nerd. My best friend’s two-year old can name Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. If he had said Black Widow, Hawkeye, or Thor? Then I’d be closer to accepting it. I want this man to answer the question of the original heroes to make up the Avengers; and if he says Captain America as one of them, he fails. Just saying. Captain is an honorary founding member, not an actual founding member.

Just ranting about two things at once, don’t mind me.

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