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cameraman losing the ability to can

cameraman losing the ability to can

Going to allow myself to ruin a perfectly good Hiddles post because I can.

Obviously, these two gifs are from separate occurrences: 1) in a public, journalistic place and 2) in a studio, most likely during a shoot. Therefore, two conjectures can be made.

In the second one, the camera man is purposefully zooming in because it’s his artistic license to do so. Plain and simple. Hiddles is an amazing man to photograph or film and the camera man or woman obviously lost the ability to can, as stated above.

In the first one, however— the camera person has not, in fact, lost any ability to whatever and instead is being a god-given genius that you all need to praise feverishly. It is because of men and women like him that we can enjoy the most high-quality Hiddles at all times.

The camera person zooms in (yes, on Hiddles, such an amazing sight to behold) not just on his face, but on his eye. As someone who went to school for this (I’ve got to use this education somehow, right?) I can tell you that it was a spur of the moment, “oh gods I have to get a shot of his eye!” but more so a “huh, that doesn’t look like he’s in focus, let’s make sure we’re getting the most important part of this man in focus.” Which you can actually see, as the focus shifts from a slight blur to clean and crisp.

You should all bow down and thank this camera man or woman for their amazing eye and want to give us the best quality Hiddles they possibly could.


You should praise the editor (or, if this was a live from comic con thing, then disregard this) for leaving this awesome shot of Hiddles’ face and eye. Even if it was for technical reasons.

I’ll leave you with your inability to can now. Ta!

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You’re at a party, the 4th gif is the person who started the party.

The 18th gif is how they invite you to the party.

The 7th gif with words is what they say to you when you first get to the party.

The 76th gif is your reaction once you get to the party.

The 1st gif is your reaction when they have your favorite food.

The 42nd gif is you when see they have Beer or/and vodka at the party.

The 30th gif is you when you talk to your crush while drunk.

The 23rd gif is what you do to your crush.

The 14th gif is your reaction when they take away the vodka/and or beer away from you.

The 28th gif with words is what you say to the people who took it away.

The 9th gif is you trying to flirt with your crush.

The 26th gif is your reaction when someone tries to flirt with your crush.

The 57th gif is what all the other people at the party think of you.

The 35th gif is the person who calls the cops on you.

The 38th gif with words is what you say to the cops when they arrive.

The 10th gif is you getting kicked out of the party.

I think I have way too many Tom gifs.

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