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So, these are the cupcakes I made for a birthday party on Friday. (Had I known they wanted them for Friday, I would of made them Thursday instead, but woo, poor communication.) 

Brooklyn will be either five or six, if I remember right. One of my sister’s little friends, and a niece to my next door neighbor, Ms. Crystal. (As me and mommy call her.)
Finding anything Hello Kitty is kind of a pain, especially in the cake/baking department. So all those Hello Kitties are actually Party Invitation cut-out’s that I hand cut one by one over the course of like an hour.

It’s a simple white cake with strawberry frosting. I was given frosting to use, so I mixed in some cool whip to make it more…well, less like goop, and more like frosting. (and it tasted amazing, let me tell you.)

I added some edible pink spray, and pearls. Then had the decore purple frosting to use over the tops of some of the cupcakes. Over all they were super simple to make. I think they’re adorable. And Ms. Monica, Brooklynn’s mother, simply adored them too and said she’d love them. I hope to hear back from her on Friday of her reaction to them, since they’re going to be a surprise until the party. <3 

(c) Brittany Curtin/ MoonsCakes

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