#Do you suppose during the time it took to find the last crack between universes and the supernova #that the Doctor spent some of that time thinking about the possible ways #this conversation with Rose might go #Rehearsing some of the things he might be forced to say #The questions his clever girl would ask #and the ways he would be forced to break her heart #and maybe he stood in front of the mirror and practiced a few of those lines #because he realized that if he broke down #if he lost it emotionally because he wasn’t prepared #it would only make things worse for Rose #So he stood alone in front of a mirror and said ”We can never seen each other again” over and over again #until the sting of it dulled just enough #that he didn’t break down (via gallifreyburning)

Well, I didn’t need that heart.

mother FUCKER

my heart

is broken

in half

This is exactly why I can’t watch those last two episodes.

Exactly. Why.

Because every time I think to myself “Maybe I can make it through without bawling my eyes out; maybe this time I can sit down with some popcorn and push through it, and get past it. Get to Martha and continue on to eventually see Donna, and Matt, and that other chick I can’t remember. Maybe this time I can continue the series.” something like this pops up on my dash and reminds me just how heartbroken this episode always leaves me. Even just this moment, alone, breaks me in ways that even Eccleston and a tub of ice cream couldn’t fix.

And whenever something like this pops up on my dash, I go back to the beginning of what little Who I own and start over again, thinking, maybe, maybe this time it will be different.

Who am I kidding.

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